OEM Supply

PIRTEK_OEMPIRTEK OEM Pty Ltd was established in 2006 and operates as a fully owned and supported business unit of PIRTEK Fluid Systems. This provides a support mechanism for the PIRTEK network. The areas such as large volume hose requirements or specialised hoses can be undertaken within the OEM department thus reducing the burden on the franchises’ day-to-day business activity.

Our OEM workshop provides a team of fully trained staff along with the industry’s highest quality machinery to ensure quality assurance is maintained. PIRTEK’s staff are available with technical advice to provide day-to-day assistance to all our customers.

The capabilities range from:

  • Specialty Hose Construction
  • Bulk Assembly Requirements
  • Assembly of Food Grade Hoses

PIRTEK OEM is able to provide a number of additional key elements to your business without creating unnecessary in house resources and with this flexible resource and the ongoing push within the OEM marketplace, the result will be a stronger PIRTEK hose replacement market in the future.