Endorsed Suppliers

PIRTEK has a number of Endorsed Suppliers it partners with to complement its product range.

These Endorsed Suppliers are renowned around the world for the quality of products they offer and they provide a terrific extension for PIRTEK customers.

Nitto Cuplas

.Synonymous with quality air fittings, Nitto Kohki Cuplas are produced with unique tolerances and precision based on strict quality control. With the extensive use of Compressed Air in industry today and the ever increasing focus companies have on their OH&S policies to ensure they have a safe work environment for their employees and visitors, Nitto Kohki Australia has released its comprehensive range of Safety Cuplas to the Australian market through PIRTEK.




SMC Pneumatics

.SMC have a similar customer centric approach to their Product Range as PIRTEK. Offering high quality, low maintenance components that are cost effective and demonstrate value. Utilising the extensive PIRTEK network we are able to capitalise on the technical advantages of this product range right across the country. This provides for quick, clear and detailed responses to our customers requests and needs.PIRTEK-SMCCatalogues-Button




.Megafire is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of fire protection products. Focus on quality products manufactured to Australian standards.
The Megafire products carried by PIRTEK include:
– Portable Extinguishers
– Vehicle brackets
– Signage
– Fire blankets
– Eyewash
– Standard, HP & Mobile 1kg-9kg ABE, CO2, Air/Water, Foam and Wet Chemical Extinguishers




.Valvoline brings over 100 years of experience with your machines and leadership you can trust from one of the leading global producers, distributors and brands of high quality lubricants and specialised automotive, racing, commercial and industrial solutions.
Valvoline products, services and programs result from their ongoing commitment to improve maintenance, add performance and reduce ownership cost for vehicle owners and businesses.PIRTEK-ValvolineCatalogues-Button 


Qtec Fire Systems

Present in the Australian market for over a decade, Pirtek has partnered with Fire Protection innovators QTEC Fire Services Pty Ltd to provide our customers the highest quality Fire Suppression Solutions compliant to Australian Standards.

The components in our systems are designed and manufactured in Australia with computerised numerical control precision to achieve the reliability our customers expect from our product range. Methodical quality control procedures are followed right at the manufacturing facility, ensuring that every valve is tested before it leaves the building.



For more information on the range from PIRTEK’s Endorsed Suppliers, contact your local PIRTEK Service & Supply Centre: