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About Pirtek


At Pirtek, we work hard day in, day out to maintain the highest standards of product and service in the industry. It’s how we originally established our premium position, and how we’ve maintained it all these years.

We’ve grown since then and we need to ensure our brand achieves the high standards we’ve set.

We need a robust brand to reflect our watertight service.

It’s vital we present ourselves with consistency and continue to build on our reputation and trustworthiness, so that every interaction with the Pirtek brand reminds our customers what it is that makes Pirtek so special.

We’d like to thank everyone at Pirtek for helping us get where we are, and for continuing to build this proud and iconic brand.


Stephen Dutton

Chief Executive Officer


Since 1980, Pirtek has led the market in providing our diverse group of customers with an equally diverse portfolio of fluid transfer solution products and services.

Through our highly awarded franchise network, and international expansion, we have built the broadest local and international footprint in the industry. So no matter the job, Pirtek will have someone there to help you.

Today, Pirtek is the world’s leading supplier of premium fluid transfer solutions.

“Our fluid transfer solutions go everywhere from bakeries to excavators, from printing presses to the mines”







Pirtek is one of the few industrial franchises in the world.

Being a global network of local businesses, the Pirtek structure means that everyone is driven to succeed individually, yet are supported by the network who are a phone call away for any query, troubleshooting or resource where needed.

The people in our network provide an incredible database of knowledge. When it comes to doing what we do best, there’s no greater collective experience, or know-how, than at Pirtek.

Pirtek is a unique place where everyone feels like family, and are treated as equals. If Pirtek people want to trial a new idea, they’re given the opportunity.

“When I started, everyone was here to help out. And being Pirtek, you know you’re surrounded by the very best experience.”



Since 1980 our network has grown to deliver excellence in over 23 countries, with 330+ Centers and 1500+ Mobile Service Units that make it possible to respond and deliver premium service in the shortest possible turnaround.

Our extensive network means we reach more than 120,000 customers with over 13,000 product lines. Each year we answer 300,000 service calls, and this is all driven by our 3000+ highly motivated and committed Pirtek staff members.

But that’s only part of our story…

“Our customers don’t just come to us for parts and installation. They’re buying our experience and expertise.”


We look after a diverse base of customers, each with their own unique requirements demanding diverse and dynamic service and product solutions.

“Pirtek’s reputation means that our customers expect more from us than anyone else”




Our-Purpose-01-858x1024 When customers call Pirtek their equipment has stopped, and the job remains unfinished. They’re losing money and patience. They’re under pressure. Whether it’s a big customer with a long-term relationship or the first visit to a Pirtek centre, our customers have one thing in common: they need our expertise to keep them moving.

Our enemy is your downtime.
Our mission is more uptime.

Pirtek people thrive on getting a customer out of a bind, out of trouble and out of stress. We run at a challenge because the thrill of the problem is as satisfying as the result. With products as true as our word, and a global network with local knowledge, we’ve got your back. Whatever it takes, Pirtek will keep you moving.


Our premium positioning comes from offering superior value to our customers: delivering what they need, when they need it—to the highest possible standard.

Pirtek’s ability to Keep You Operating comes from an unmatched offering across four pillars:


Cutting Edge Quality


Groundbreaking efficiency at scale


Solutions under pressure


We’ll never let you down




From international mining operations to one-man local businesses, our customers rely on our products to maintain their livelihood. That is what drives us to source and to create the very best products from the best manufacturers in the business.

Our assurance for quality, reliability and continuous improvement delivers confidence in our ability to provide only the highest quality products, made from the best materials and sourced from world-class suppliers.

Pirtek invests in all stages of the supply chain and has an on-site NATA certified testing laboratory. We are constantly producing state of the art products with cutting edge quality. They’re precision-engineered, laser measured and batch coded. It also ensures our inventory range stays ahead of the curve.

Innovative storage and transport facilities maintain the integrity of the product right through to installation.


GROUND BREAKING EFFICIENCY Efficiency-01-1024x1024

Pirtek’s global business is underpinned by groundbreaking systems that ensure quality control and order efficiencies. These systems allow us to guarantee the highest level of service in the industry by connecting the expertise and skills throughout our global network. Our resource planning and data traceability systems ensure efficient management and delivery of orders.

To deliver products and services in a reactive way, you need access to people, experience, product range, and immense coverage at scale. Our customers know they are able to leverage the security and reliability that scale brings to our business at any time, without any hesitation.

With new machines and technology emerging at an increasing pace, learning and development is more important than ever. Pirtek people have a thirst for knowledge and a drive to learn, and our training systems keep our network up to speed with the utmost efficiency.




In some industries, each day can be pretty predictable, not much different to the last. And some people like it like that. At Pirtek, no two days are the same. We never know when our customers will break down and need us urgently. We never know what machines we’ll find ourselves under tomorrow. Every day brings a new problem to solve.

Being highly aware of the risks involved in making even the smallest mistake, it’s imperative our people combine a sense of urgency with the ability to remain calm.

It’s this level of experience that allows us to see solutions that others might have missed when under pressure. And it’s what fills our customers with confidence when we arrive on a job.

“As a dealership mechanic, we never spoke to customers. At Pirtek, communicating with customers is a vital part of the job.”


WE’LL NEVER LET YOU DOWN Down-01-912x1024

With a 24/7 service offering, there’s always someone on call at Pirtek.

Our customers are part of the Pirtek community. It might sound old-fashioned, but we think trust is a vital part of doing business. Handshakes aren’t just a greeting, they’re a commitment.

At Pirtek, we’re true to our word. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We communicate clearly without hesitation or sugar coating. If we say we will be there in an hour, you can bank on it. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver.

At Pirtek we never leave a job without a solution. If we need an extra part, our network delivers, so the technician can remain with the customer. Before leaving, technicians oversee the customer operating the machine to ensure everything is working.

We pride ourselves in having the people and experience to respond immediately when our customers need us most. But we don’t just solve problems.

Our true business is in preventing them.

From spill audits to plant checks, stocktakes and simply checking-in after a job, Pirtek people are proactively involved; trusted partners, not just providers of hoses and fittings.

“Doing our job means we’ve filled their Spill bins so they don’t have to call.”

“Going out of your way to learn the type of machine your customer operates can make all the difference in their respect for you.”




“If Pirtek can’t get the job done, nobody can”



Global-Mark ISO x 2

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Pirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd (PFS) and its Franchisees are QMS certified to meet the ISO 9001 requirements.

Global Mark conducts these audits then issues a Certificate for ISO 9001. In order to pass these audits, PFS and each accredited Centre need to conduct internal audits on a regular basis to ensure that their business processes meet the requirements.

PFS requires that all Franchisees obtain formal certification to ISO 9001 as this is a useful basis for organisations to demonstrate that they are managing their business in order to achieve consistent quality goods and services.

ISO 45001 Safety Management System

Pirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd and OEM Pty Ltd have obtained ISO 45001 Certification.

All the requirements in the standard are intended to be incorporated into any WHSMS. The extent of the application will depend on such factors as the WHS policy of the organisation, the nature of its activities and the conditions in which it operates.

Safety Certification is recognition from an accredited, independent third party that Pirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd complies with a recognised standard detailing good safety management system principles. Certification is a public demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to reduce and ultimately eliminate workplace injury.