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Whistleblower Policy

Raising Concerns

Pirtek is dedicated to accepting concerns through the Whistleblower Policy from parties currently or previously associated with Pirtek. Such parties include employees, directors, officers, board members as well as third parties such as customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, contractors or other stakeholders.

Pirtek encourages the communication of concerns through the proper channels for those individuals and/or companies who believe they have experienced, or are experiencing, any conduct related to illegal, improper, unfair or unethical practices. Pirtek condemns any form of retaliation against any individual or parties/organisations/companies/groups who wish to convey their concerns.

Pirtek appreciates the value that all individuals and groups bring to our organisation, whether they are, or have been, a part of the company or whether they have interacted with us, in a professional capacity, at some point.

The Whistleblower Policy is designed to identify concerns at the earliest possible time and allows for us to maximise the use of our resources in order to prevent any further misconduct or improper practices as well as minimise any potential financial, medical, political, social or other effects. 

To view or download Pirtek's full Whistleblower Policy, please click here.