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Pirtek Fluid Systems - Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement

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Pirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd and its related entities (collectively referred to as ‘Pirtek’ throughout this statement) acknowledge the benefits of workplace gender equality, including increased workforce diversity, improved employee engagement and morale, and a positive employer and corporate brand, all of which contribute to organisational success.

Pirtek’s Gender Pay Gap, Organisational Context and Gender Pay Gap Drivers

According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), “The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings between women and men in the workforce. It is not to be confused with women and men being paid the same for the same, or comparable, job”.

Pirtek’s median gender pay gap based on 2022-23 WGEA reporting is 7.1% for total remuneration and 6.2% for base salary. A positive percentage indicates that men are paid more on average than women. Whilst Pirtek acknowledges its gender pay gap, the industry average gender pay gaps are 15.3% for total remuneration and 17.2% for base salary, meaning Pirtek’s gender pay gap is significantly less than the industry average.

Pirtek operates in the manufacturing industry which, in Australia, is male dominated. This is also reflected amongst Pirtek’s employee demographics. Pirtek is committed to fair and equitable recruitment and selection practices, however the majority of candidates applying for employment with Pirtek at all levels are male, meaning there is a higher probability of a male candidate being appointed. This then flows through to promotion outcomes; with more males employed in the organisation, it is more likely that a male will be promoted than a female, and will therefore receive a higher rate of pay, contributing to the gender pay gap.

Actions and Strategies

Pirtek is committed to conducting a gender pay gap analysis in 2024 to further understand the gender pay gap and where possible, implementing strategies to reduce the gap.

Pirtek is also committed to continuing to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are valued and treated equitably.