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Industry Solutions


When the business depends on conveying any medium – be it a fluid or a gas, PIRTEK, the leader in fluid transfer solutions, has the right people with the right products and services in the right place.

The PIRTEK range of products and services is designed to meet the diverse requirements of customers of all sizes and from a broad cross-section of industries.

More importantly, within each of these industries, there are literally hundreds of opportunities and applications for which the PIRTEK range of products and services are in demand.

The repair and replacement aftermarket is serviced through our mobile fleet, our workshops or a combination of both. Periodic maintenance of customers’ equipment is undertaken in the same way. Every day, PIRTEK products and services touch the lives of every Australian, be it:  

  • a blown hose on a drilling rig in the outback;    
  • to the power steering and air-conditioning hoses on the family car;    
  • steam cleaning, to chemical processing;    
  • the steerage of ocean liners, to steam that fires boilers of steel producing industries;    
  • transporting wheat and cattle, to powering lifts in high-rise buildings;    
  • exploring for oil and gas;    
  • producing coal and food;    
  • mowing the golf course; or;    
  • the huge demands of the earthmoving and construction industries for building freeways. In addition, PIRTEK are also beginning to cater for the transport industry following on from building freeways.  

PIRTEK offers one of the most dynamic product ranges available, providing critical services to a myriad of industries, with PIRTEK’s products being used for countless applications on a daily basis.

Whether on land, in the air, on the sea, underground or protecting our borders, chances are PIRTEK has had a hand in ensuring our country continues moving.