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PIRTEK Fishing Challenge 2019 Target Species Released

PIRTEK's National Fishing Challenge Target Species list has now been revealed ahead of the Sunday, 17th March competition. 

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The event now attracts close to 10,000 anglers each year and has become the biggest single day fishing event in the world.

The PIRTEK Fishing Challenge is a catch and release competition which encourages anglers from all age groups and areas around Australia to enter. What makes this competition unique and accessible for everyone, is the fact that 90% of Australia's population are in close proximity of a waterway and to the 25 target species fish.

Up for grabs, is over $213,000 in cash and prizes from sponsors that include PIRTEK, Berkley, BCF, Stacer, Evinrude, Spotters, ABU Garcia, Lowrance, Valvoline and Snap-On Tools.

To participate, anglers upload a photo of the fish they catch to the PIRTEK Fishing Challenge website (www.pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au) measuring the fish on the brag mat provided to them as part of their $25 entry fee. The entry fee also helps raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit at St Vincent's Hospital.

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There are 10 zones in total around Australia where the 2019 PIRTEK Fishing Challenge's fishing is to take place. The challenge has been designed to promote sustainable fishing and conservation of our waterways.

The 10 zones and their target species are as follows:

 State/Region    Target Species
 East Coast Freshwater  Bass
 Great Dividing Range  Trout (Rainbow and Brown)
 Murray-Darling Basin  European Carp
 Murray-Darling Basin  Golden Perch
 Murray-Darling Basin  Murray Cod (no bait, only lure fishing permitted)
 Murray-Darling Basin  Redfin
 NSW/ACT  Bream
 NSW/ACT  Flathead
 NSW/ACT  Leatherjacket (all species excluding Chinamen and Unicorn)
 NSW/ACT  Tailor
 NSW/ACT  Whiting
 QLD  Barramundi
 QLD   Flathead
 QLD   Trevally (all species)
 QLD   Whiting
 SA  King George Whiting
 SA  Tommy Ruff
 TAS   Australian Salmon
 TAS   Trout (Rainbow and Brown)
 Top End and WA Nth  Barramundi
 Top End and WA Nth  Trevally (all species)
 VIC  Bream (all species)
 VIC  Flathead
 WA South   Australian Salmon
 WA South  Bream (Black, Yellow Fin and Pikey)





















Each entry comes with a limited edition cap, brag mat and sticker - along with a redemption voucher for a bottle of PIRTEK Protect - a lanolin based protectant which has been designed specifically for the marine and fishing industry. It can be redeemed at any one of the 98 PIRTEK outlets around Australia (find locations at www.pirtek.com.au).

This year has seen a ‘demographic shift’ in entries according to PIRTEK Fishing Challenge Tournament Director, Michael Guest.

“We’re seeing a lot of younger people entering the PIRTEK Fishing Challenge and the recent trend of an upsurge in families and female entrants has continued,” said Guest.

“We’ve had great support from our sponsor partners and the social media reach has grown significantly this year. This has enabled us to tap into that younger market.

"Our promotional videos via facebook have again had great reach."

PFC Merch 

“The pleasing part is those entering are also buying merchandise, which goes towards raising funds and providing further benefit to our charity partners Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit.”

Organisers are aiming to sign up 9,000 entrants for the competition.

Entries will close on March 16.

For more information and to register visit pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au Registrations cost $25.00, plus postage and handling.

27th February 2019
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