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PIRTEK Pressure Test Kit

Pirtek is pleased to announce the release of the Pirtek Pressure Test Kit.

PSU181 - Pressure Test Kit-01_lq

This versatile Pressure Test Kit allows for efficient and accurate monitoring of hydraulic systems. It features a unique lid design that opens 180º with a sturdy locking system and a separate front compartment ideal for storing other test points and adaptors.

The case is made from strong engineering polymers with a stainless steel hinge and latch springs which help ensure extended product life and corrosion protection. The foam insert is made from Plastazote® which is strong, durable and waterproof, with excellent resistance to oils and chemicals.

PSU181 - Pressure Test Kit_2-01_lq

The Pirtek Pressure Test Kit comes complete with analogue pressure gauges of various pressure ranges, Test 20 gauge adaptors, test point couplings, adaptors & Test 20 hose assembly.

It is also available as a case only with foam insert for those who wish to customise their own test kit.

2 or 3 draw cabinets and frames are also available for storing the Pressure Test Kit cases.

PSU181 - Pressure Test Kit_3-01_lq

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14th June 2019
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