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The PIRTEK Quality Experience

PIRTEK Centres are renowned for cleanliness and hose safety meeting guidelines for storage, temperature, hydraulic testing, cutting, and assembly methods. This is evident through the articulation of their six-step process followed by each Centre when providing a hose assembly for a customer.

As part of the Quality Experience that every customer enjoys upon a visit to their local Service & Supply Centre, PIRTEK are pleased to launch the Ultra Clean Hose Capping programme which will become the final step in the process to significantly reduce the risk of contamination when shipping.


It is this approach to quality and contamination control technologies that sets PIRTEK apart from the market. PIRTEK only uses the highest quality hose from Bridgestone and ensures all elements of the hose assembly are checked with precision from the hose depth to the crimp. Then all details are recorded through a tagging system which means you get the same quality hose every time as any PIRTEK Centre can look up the specifications of your hose from anywhere in Australia.

Each step ensures cleanliness of the product to minimise downtime and keep you operating.

28th March 2018
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