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Thermoplastic Hose for Forklift Masts

Benefits of Thermoplastic Hose for Forklift Masts

There are a number of benefits to using Thermoplastic hoses in Forklift Mast and Sheave applications. Thermoplastic hoses are uniquely designed to endure the tension applied during installation, with minimal stretch, unlike Steel Braided Rubber hoses. Thermoplastic hoses are subjected to less stretch compared to rubber hoses to reach the optimum tension required.

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Thermoplastic hoses will outlive conventional Steel Braided Rubber hoses for multiple reasons:

Will not delaminate under tension
• Have better low temperature properties (-54ºC) for use in freezers and cold weather, preventing the hose jacket from cracking
• Feature a non-stick anti-abrasive outer cover for sheaves (Pulley) applications
Synthetic/Cotton Reinforcement does not experience fatigue during constant flexing motion over the sheave (Pulley).

Pirtek offers a range of Thermoplastic hoses suitable for use in Forklift Sheave (Pulley) applications, these include:

• 30CT - Single Line and Twin Line to SAE 100R18 Specification
• 3360X2 - Twin Line Hybrid specification with specific OD

12th July 2019
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