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Hydraulic • Hose • Thermoplastic • Non-Conductive



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Inner Liner

Smooth seamless thermoplastic polyester


Polyester braid

Outer Cover

Orange non perforated anti-abrasion polyurethane. Stabilised to UV rays

Temperature Range

• -54ºC up to +100ºC
• Max +70ºC with air/water/water based fluids or fire resistant fluids

Safety Factor

• SAE 100R7 = 4:1
• ANSI A92.2 = A safety factor of 4:1 is required in the case in which the breaking of the hose may cause the rig or load lifting device or both to move. A safety factor of 3:1 is acceptable in the case in which the breaking of the hose does not cause the aerial lifting devices to move.

Vacuum Rating

-0.9 Bar (26.5 in.-Hg)


Medium pressure hose for use on general hydraulic systems that may contact high voltage sources. Aerial equipment/Mobile hydraulics/Rescue apparatus and tools


Flexible at low temperatures. Excellent bend radius. Compact and tough construction with extreme resistance to kinking and abrasion, ideal for narrow conduits. Low elongation. Non-conductive - less than 50µA leakage when subjected to 250000 V/m. Also available as twin-line, refer to TPR7NCX2.


Meets or exceeds
• SAE 100R7 (including non-conductive requirements)
• ISO 3949 R7
• ANSI A92.2 for Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices. Hand cutting is recommended for cutting

Hose Tails:

Pirtek T series



ID - inch

ID - mm

OD (avg) - mm

Max. W.P - bar

Max. W.P - psi

Min. Bend Radius - mm

Weight - Kg/m


TPR7NC-021/83.28.5230 (SAE R7) / 240 (ANSI)3336 (SAE R7) / 3481 (ANSI)250.057Available upon request
TPR7NC-033/164.910.0210 (SAE R7) / 224 (ANSI)3046 (SAE R7) / 3249 (ANSI)300.073
TPR7NC-041/46.411.8200 (SAE R7) / 220 (ANSI)2901 (SAE R7) / 3191 (ANSI)350.09
TPR7NC-055/167.914.3190 (SAE R7) / 220 (ANSI)2756 (SAE R7) / 3191 (ANSI)450.128
TPR7NC-063/89.516.0175 (SAE R7) / 210 (ANSI)2538 (SAE R7) / 3046 (ANSI)550.155
TPR7NC-081/212.720.3140 (SAE R7) / 185 (ANSI)2031 (SAE R7) / 2683 (ANSI)750.219
TPR7NCX2-041/46.411.8200 (SAE R7) / 220 (ANSI)2901 (SAE R7) / 3191 (ANSI)350.18
TPR7NCX2-063/89.516175 (SAE R7) / 210 (ANSI)2538 (SAE R7) / 3046 (ANSI)550.31