10 I FLUID PIRTEK AUSTRALIA MAY 2018 BIO-SORB Pirtek Bio-Sorb Premium Absorbent is a floor sweep capable of quickly absorbing a wide variety of liquids. Manufactured from a special selection of organic cellulose products, Bio-Sorb Premium absorbs such liquids as petroleum, oils, fuels, cooking oils, sewage, and other messy liquids that could contaminate the environment. The strong wicking effect helps to reduce leach-back, and allows Bio-Sorb Premium to meet stringent liquid release standards. Once absorbed, a selection of inoculated microbes go to work to ‘eat and digest’ oils and many types of hydrocarbons. Application: Recommended for hard surfaces such as tar and concrete. Spread over the spill and work back and forth with a stiff broom until the surface is dry and no slick remains. No secondary detergents or solvent washes are necessary. Watch Video https://youtu.be/f6CFYCV0pBo PRODUCT WHEN INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING! -20, -24 & -32 sizes (1-1/4” thru 2”) Structural integrity of the hose remains whole as the weather proofing external rubber is untouched in the assembly process reducing the effect of environmental corrosion. • Mild steel & stainless • Straight, 45O & 90O •  Male & female threads plus flange termination •  Faster assembly times & less cleanup •  No skiving required so hose & fitting are ready to assemble •  Lock connections between shell and reinforcement assures safe and leak-free long service life •  Teeth of shell bite down onto wire providing metal-to-metal grip Non Skive Hydraulic Fittings H Series PIRTEK CHOOSES TO PARTNER BRIDGESTONE Pirtek chooses to partner with Bridgestone Hose because • Japanese engineered product • Abrasion resistance 6 times better then ISO 18752 standard nominates • Compact Outer Diameter (OD) for ease of routing and handling • Smaller bending radius, more flexible than conventional standard hoses which results in shorter hydraulic hose assemblies, more compact hydraulic circuits and speedy installation • Wire Alignment, the superior wire alignment found in Bridgestone hoses provides excellent structural uniformity along the whole length of hose. This assures a high level of flexibility and durability • Class and PC range based on isobaric system allowing the working pressures to remain constant, with the construction method adapting with the size, thus reducing hose inventory •  Flame resistance approval according to MSHA and FRAS approved (Fire Resistance Anti-Static (electrical resistance))- Australian approval • Class & PC range meet/exceed SAE 100R specifications Class/PC Conventional Hose NEW PRODUCTS BSP JIC NPT MALE ORFS DKS METRIC SAE CODE 61 SAE CODE 62 LE TORNEAU CAT® KOMATSU THREAD TYPES ATTRIBUTES HEAVY DUTY TEETH SUPPLY PARTNER