16 I FLUID PIRTEK AUSTRALIA MAY 2018 As a proud partner of SAI Global, Pirtek recognises the demand by our customers that suppliers provide systems for governance, risk & compliance. This allows us to identify new opportunities, improve operational efficiencies and meet compliance requirements. PIRTEK PARTNER MANAGING RISK PIRTEK HELPS COMPANIES TAKE A MORE INTEGRATED APPROACH TO MANAGE RISK From planning and strategy, through to goal setting and decision-making, the guidelines we use help to equip Pirtek with the tools to proactively manage uncertainties and variability across a wide range of activities. These areas include: • Risk & Compliance • Learning • Standards & Legislation • Auditing This structure delivers confidence & a vastly improved customer interaction between us. Through regular internal auditing and visits by the GLOBAL team we can identify gaps and create a plan to address anything that may be learnt through those reviews. We continue to expand its use across the business to support a wide range of Governance, Risk & compliance situations. At Pirtek, we will review strategies & systems looking for ways to continuously improve what we do. That’s how we’ll keep you operating. www.pirtek.com.au