12 I FLUID PIRTEK AUSTRALIA MAY 2018 PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE MINING Equipment powered by hydraulic systems are essential to all of our customers to run their business. Unfortunately, all these pieces of equipment have a similar vulnerability, they are only as reliable as the hoses running them. PIRTEK is the leading supplier of Hydraulic Hose Replacement and repair and is available 24/7, 365 days, on call, to keep your machines working properly. We are here to repair, replace and maintain your hydraulic equipment. Getting your machines on a routine preventative maintenance schedule is key to keeping them running properly, efficiently and worry free. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? PIRTEK HOSE TAGGING SYSTEM PIRTEK offers a simple to use barcoded hose tag which highlights how and when the hose was assembled and the components used, enabling the customer to initiate a preventative maintenance program specifically designed for their hoses and pipe work. Pirtek provides and maintains many on site workshops for large sites & remote locations. The Container workshops include hose assembly and fitment, vendor managed stock, can be used for surveys of plant and equipment and in house training of personnel on key aspects of maximising hose life. Other uses include field assembly, maintenance and certification. They can come with a complete set of assembly and testing equipment, provide storage for hose reels and components & are suitable for use in a safe zone. This can save a mine thousands of dollars per event in time & money. PIRTEK – WE’LL KEEP YOU OPERATING! For all inquires regarding a Pirtek onsite container please call us on 134-222 or email us at info@pirtek.com.au KEEP YOUR BUSINESS MOVING WITH PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE ON-SITE HOSE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS & CONTAINERS SERVICE PIRTEK is here to offer the service, ON SITE, so that your equipment is never down and production can continue as planned.