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Commemorating ANZAC Day with John Barrett Pirtek Franchise Owner and Former Australian Navy Member

As we reflect on why we commemorate ANZAC Day, we took the opportunity to sit down with John Barrett from Pirtek Toowoomba, one of our few ex-service personnel turned business owner, to learn more about his military experience, the importance of ANZAC day, and how it has shaped him as a person and a business owner.

John B Tile

Question 1: What did you do in the military and what was your rank?

John: I started in the Navy at 15 as an apprentice in Electrical Fitter Mechanic being trained specifically on hydraulic and pneumatic weapons systems. During my service I was promoted to the ranks of Seaman, Able Seaman, and Leading Seaman.


Question 2: How did your military experience shape you as a person?

John: My military experience was a big part of shaping who I am today. It taught me the importance of discipline, hard work and being part of a team. It also taught me to appreciate the sacrifices made by those who have served and the importance of commemorating their service.


Question 3: What does ANZAC day mean to you?

John: It's a day where we pay our respects to all those who've lost their lives, who are serving, who have served, and their families, in defence of the country. I also think it's the one true day of the year that brings all Australians together to share a common sense of pride towards those who have fought for what we have today. We need to encourage our younger generations to continue this tradition. I've got two young boys who are 9 and 10 and they come with me to Anzac Day services because I think that it’s important they understand the sacrifices of the past and honour those who have and are serving today.

Question 4: How do you incorporate the lessons you learned in the military into your business?

Probably as a manager camaraderie's always been important to me and that's basically been instilled in me since I was 15 and joined the Navy. That's probably one of the most important things that I've kept with me throughout my whole career and I have tried to build that with my employees here. You've got to work as a team, be proud of your team and be there for each other.


As we commemorate ANZAC Day, it's important to remember the sacrifices made by those who have served our country. We are grateful to people like John Barrett, who not only served in the military but also continue to embody its values in their everyday lives. We are thankful for all those who have serviced and continue to serve.

Lest we forget.

25th April 2023
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