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Monitoring of Hydraulic Systems

Efficient and accurate monitoring of system pressures in hydraulic circuits is a critical part for any business to ensure that their system is running correctly. For machine operators and maintenance personnel it is important that they firstly know some vital information about the hydraulic system circuits like normal operating temperatures and usual operating pressures.

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Pirtek offers a wide range of Test products that can be suitably positioned in a hydraulic system that allows safe and easy monitoring of system pressures.

Test Couplings and Adaptors
Test Hose Assemblies
Pressure Gauges, both analogue and digital
Complete pressure Test Kits, containing an assortment of test couplings, adaptors and pressure gauges in a tough case.

You can also customise your own kit.

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This type of connection can also be used for collection of fluid samples for oil analysis as well as venting of the system.

These operations can be carried out when the hydraulic system is at full pressure up to 630 Bar (9137 PSI) due to the integrated check valve in the test couplings opening only after the mating coupling is connected without leakage or tools required.

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17th July 2020
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