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BioSorb Premium Absorbent

Pirtek Bio-Sorb Premium Absorbent is a floor sweep capable of quickly absorbing a wide variety of liquids. Manufactured from a special selection of organic cellulose products, Bio-Sorb Premium absorbs such liquids as petroleum, oils, fuels, cooking oils, sewage, and other messy liquids that could contaminate the environment.

The strong wicking effect helps to reduce leach-back, and allows Bio-Sorb Premium to meet stringent liquid release standards. Once absorbed, a selection of inoculated microbes go to work to 'eat and digest' oils and many types of hydrocarbons.

Application: Recommended for hard surfaces such as tar and concrete. Spread over the spill and work back and forth with a stiff broom until the surface is dry and no slick remains. No secondary detergents or solvent washes are necessary. Not suited to windy conditions (see ENZE Zeolite)

Please see the below video for more information on Pirtek Bio-Sorb Premium Absorbent: