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SKV and SSKV Stapleless Underground Mining Fittings


The new style of hydraulic fitting is an Australian first, bringing to market several significant advances in safety and fluid delivery technology. The SKV (low-pressure) and SSKV (high-pressure) hydraulic hose fittings combine a state-of-the-art locking collar and ring assembly – in place of a “staple” – to secure male and female couplings together. The collar, a two-piece cylindrical enclosure, fits securely around both the male and female ends of the hose coupling. Precision machined grooves on the male and female coupling ends match with grooves on the collar. The collar forms an effective “clamp” around both sides of the coupling. It is secured using a large threaded locking ring matched to threads on the collar. The locking rings thread easily onto the collar, much like a normal nut. When secured, the collar prevents the two hose ends from separating, even when under extreme pressure. The disassembly process prevents the accidental removal of a staple from conventional hydraulic couplings when under pressure, as the locking ring cannot be unthreaded until the pressure is relieved from the system. Once the hydraulic pressure has been switched off and the system completely isolated, disassembling the coupling is a matter of unthreading the locking rings and removing the collar.