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LPHT Low Pressure High Temp Hose


Pirtek LPHT rubber hose is a durable, low pressure textile braid hose. Its main features include its extreme flexibility and its MSHA 2G flame resistance approval.

The Low Pressure High Temp Hose is suitable for use in many applications and is compatible for use with petroleum based hydraulic oil/lubricating fluids/diesel/unleaded petrol/aqueous emulsions/water and air.

It is not recommended for impulse applications or for use with products containing Ethanol/Methanol including blends (excluding E10).

Product Details:

Hose Tails
Pirtek ‘P’ Series Push-on fittings, Hose Clamps not required and could possibly damage hose.
Pirtek ‘T’ Series crimp fittings 

Inner Liner
Seamless CPE/AQP rubber. Oil resistant

One braid of polyester

Outer Cover
Blue CPE rubber. Resistant to oils/ozone/flame and weathering

Temperature Range
• -40ºC up to +149ºC hydraulic/transmission oils (petroleum based) & Diesel
• -40ºC up to +100ºC E10 & B20 (biodiesel)
• 0ºC up to +82ºC water/water based fluid & glycol (anti-freeze)
• 0ºC up to +121ºC air
• -40ºC up to +121ºC ambient

Safety Factor

Vacuum Rating
• -0.9 Bar (26.5 in-Hg) -4 to -8
• -0.6 Bar (17.7 in-Hg) -10 to -12

For detailed product specifications, please refer to: https://www.pirtek.com.au/products/productcategory/hydraulic/hose/rubber/braided/lpht