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Graco Centralised Lubrication

Graco’s Centralised Lubrication systems provide the proper amount of lubrication for your equipment on a recurrent basis. Additionally, equipment is able to be lubricated while moving so there is no decrease in productivity – ensuring daily reliability and minimal downtime for modern equipment manufacturers.

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Graco Centralised Lubrication builds upon the trusted Graco brand name — a name focused on offering advanced technologies, including pumps, meters, controllers and accessories, to properly lubricate equipment at critical stages and routine times.

Designed for virtually any type of hydraulic, industrial or mobile environment, Graco Centralised Lubrication provides a substantial upgrade over manual lubrication.

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Graco Centralised Lubrication systems capture crucial data that can be used to streamline other tasks for key decision-makers. Consequently, the extensive Graco Centralised Lubrication range features market-leading innovation and reliability.