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Graco G-Mini Compact Pump

The Graco G-Mini Compact Pump is a grease lubrication pump that expands upon Pirtek’s Graco Centralised Lubrication product range. It features reliable lubrication in a compact and easily transportable form factor that is ideal for use in many small to medium applications.

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Maximise the use of your space with the fully-featured G-Mini Compact Pump which helps streamline daily maintenance procedures, extend the life of your lubrication equipment and reduce downtime. The construction and durability of the G-Mini Compact Pump allows for the smooth operation of the 24/7 demands of any job, regardless of the scale of the job.

The Graco G-Mini Compact Pump helps increase your efficiency whilst reducing costs from downtime, due to its unique set of capabilities:

• Available in 12VDC or 24VDC
• 1-Litre reservoir option
• Handles Greases NLGI000 to NLGI2
• Follower Plate and Stir Paddle – a pairing that helps combat oil separation while ensuring the pump element “loading chamber” is always full
• One Pump Element (with 1/4” Male NPT fitting) – 3 cubic cm/min (0.18 cubic inch/min), Option to upgrade up to max of 2 Pumping Elements
• Output Pressure 4,100 psi (280 bar)
• M12 Input - M12 cycle or proximity switch input standard on all pumps with a controller
• 5-Wire CPC Power Cable - multifunction cable supplies power to the pump, pairs with a remote manual run button, and provides low level or cycle fault output
• Easy-to-program controller can be utilised for both time-based and cycle-based systems and provides low level alert and alarm
• Rugged Construction - Designed to withstand the harshest of environments; IP69K rated

Typical Applications (but not limited to):

• Off-Road Mobile Equipment
• On-Road Mobile Equipment
• Wind Energy
• Food and Beverage

The Graco G-Mini Compact Pump product range at Pirtek includes the following items:

Pump – Product Code   Description  Product Category  Stock Availability
 GC25R801 1 Litre Reservoir, 24 Volt G-Mini Pump with Built-in Controller  LE  Ex Stock
 GC25R803 1 Litre Reservoir, 12 Volt G-Mini Pump with Built-in Controller  LE  Ex Stock
Pump Accessories – Product Code  Description  Product Category  Stock Availability 
 GC127780 ***  5-Wire CPC Power Cable  LE  Ex Stock
 GC17L879  Proximity Switch to Suit CSP Divider Valve  LE  Ex Stock
 GC124333  5 Metre Proximity Cable, M12 Female Straight to M12 Male Straight   LE   Ex Stock
 GC25C982  24 Volt Manual Run Button (5-wire CPC power cable required)  LE  Ex Stock
 GC25C981  12 Volt Manual Run Button (5-wire CPC power cable required)  LE  Ex Stock
 GC563161  ¼” NPT Male Pressure Relief Valve - 3,000 PSI (207 Bar)  LE  Ex Stock
 GC25N827  Pump Element Kit (add a second pump element or replace and existing element)   LE   No Stock

***G-Mini pump does not come with accessories or power cable, 1 power cable per pump is required for installation, all sold separately.