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Pirtek - Fast Fill Diesel and Fluid Systems


Exclusive distribution arrangement for Australasia April 2014. 

This arrangement will now enhance the availability and serviceability for the entire Fast Fill product range in conjunction with Fast Fill USA and will provide solutions to your requirements.
Pirtek provides sales, service and technical support for the Fast Fill range via a network of 97 Service and Supply Centres located across Australia. 
Fast Fill products service your diesel powered units; which include Diesel, Coolant, Transmission & Hydraulic Oils Crankcase Fill & Evacuation

Fast Fill will develop products that will:

  • Protect the environment
  • Eliminate dirt and dust contamination in diesel fuel and other fluids
  • Eliminate costly spillage of diesel fuel and other fluids
  • Provide safety and cleanliness for servicing personnel 

Research and development of the Fast Fill Systems product range, addresses problems associated with servicing your diesel powered units and provides greater cost savings through:

  • Greater vehicle availability due to the elimination of contaminates
  • The reduction in filling time for diesel fuel and other fluids
  • Less spillage

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