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PIRTEK Whip Check System

A Must in Workplace Safety

Pirtek Pir-Chek Whip Checks are a retention system designed to prevent uncontrolled flaying of a hose in the event of fitting blow off or accidental disconnection. The whipping of high pressure hoses can cause devastating injury or death to anyone near the equipment. The installation of a Pir-Chek is a lifesaving measure which can be the difference between tragedy and a small incident. Ultimately, the Whip Check System is there to protect the lives of all who are in contact with the equipment.

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Designed with the Safety of Operators in Mind

Our Pir-Chek Whip Checks have been tested by Test Safe Australia, an internationally recognised testing laboratory to ensure integrity of our product.

Invaluable Peace of Mind

With the installation of this safety precautionary measure, your assembly will now hold an ejected hose in place without the potential risk for bodily harm from impact of a whipping hose. This will give equipment owners and operators alike, the security and peace of mind when working near the machine.

Convenient Install

Custom made to suit each application requirement and simple to install, our Pir-Chek Whip Checks are designed to suit both hose to hose retention or hose to a fixed anchor point and suitable on a wide range of hose sizes. For hose assemblies already in situ on equipment, our Retrofit style Pir-Cheks are available to safe net your current hose assembly circuits.

PIRTEK Whip Checks can be used in multiple applications especially in production, mining or manufacturing facilities where safety is a critical component in everyday operations.

PIRTEK locations nationwide are available to assist businesses with the selection and installation of the Pir-Chek Whip Check System.

Please contact your local PIRTEK for more details.